Michael Braungart

Michael Braungart is founder of EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) and co-founder of MBDC, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. Braungart's work has been published in numerous journals on science, public affairs, design and environment in Europe and the US. In 1987, Professor Braungart founded the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency, which creates products oriented toward a life-cycle economy and earned the Océ-van der Grinten Award in 1993. He also serves as Scientific Manager of the Hamburg Environmental Institute, the non-profit research center which produces the Top 50 Study, which ranks the quality of environmentally-sound production of companies within the chemical industry.

Working in concert with designer William A. McDonough in their product design and development firm, Michael?s work addresses topics from particles to policy. He has initiated worldwide scholarly and scientific inquiry into the adverse environmental and physiological impacts of industrially produced consumer goods. In addition, Braungart's EPEA co-authored the Hannover Principles of Design: Design for Sustainability, which serve as development guidelines for the World's Fair in Hannover, 2000. He currently concentrates his efforts at McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry and EPEA by working with major industrial producers, such as Nike, Monsanto and Interface on issues of materials assessment, waste and energy balances, life-cycle design, and designing for dissasembly. Dr. Braungart is also active in designing new products, and along with William McDonough, was instrumental in the creation of the compostable fabric line Climatex¬ģLifecycle?.

Presentation description
Designers as "solutionists"
Janine James and Michael Braungart, designer and scientist respectively, will talk about how their collaboration has allowed them to create more effective and responsible solutions across a variety of media. Janine will discuss The Modern's most recent project, "Rewarding Lives," an installation that welcomed 20,000 American Express employees back to the World Financial Center after September 11, and that helped to revive the Lower Manhattan community. Janine will tell the story of how a marriage of brand and environment management, proving marketing plus sustainability equals exceptional returns for brand-focused business. Michael will discuss the need to understand and work with "materials lifecycles" in realizing successful design solutions such as this one.
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