Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel
Read Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel's presentation, "Culture is not always popular." Bill and Jessica are partners in Winterhouse design studio. Their work focuses on publishing and editorial development; new media; cultural institutions; and education and literacy projects. Recent clients include the New England Journal of Medicine, Norman Rockwell Museum, Yale Law School, New York University School of Journalism, University of Chicago Press and the National Design Awards.

This featured project by designer Christine Moog provides a visual interpretation of David Orr's classic text. You will need the latest version of Shockwave to view this project.

They Rule is a website by Future Farmers that allows you to create maps of the interlocking directories of the top 100 companies in the US in 2001.

The Visual Thesaurus is a website by Plumb Design that is both an artistic exploration and a tool to discover, study, and analyze the structure of language. By displaying the interrelationships between words and meanings as spatial maps, the Visual Thesaurus translates language into a visible architecture.

FLRT by Flat design contains a variety of Public Service Announcements including one on e-waste. Did you know that the box you are staring at contains 8 lbs of lead?
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