Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel
Read Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel's presentation, "Culture is not always popular." Bill and Jessica are partners in Winterhouse design studio. Their work focuses on publishing and editorial development; new media; cultural institutions; and education and literacy projects. Recent clients include the New England Journal of Medicine, Norman Rockwell Museum, Yale Law School, New York University School of Journalism, University of Chicago Press and the National Design Awards.
Online resources

Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Initiative
The campus-wide Green Design Initiative was begun in 1992 to promote environmentally conscious engineering, product and process design, manufacturing and architecture. The initiative involves forming partnerships with industrial corporations, foundations and government agencies to develop joint research and education programs which improve environmental quality while encouraging sustainable economic development.
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Ceres Network
Ceres is a leading U.S. coalition of environmental, investor and advocacy groups working together for a sustainable future.

Clorine-Free Products Association
The Chlorine Free Products Association is a unique trade association representing companies dedicated to implementing advanced technologies, and/or, groups supporting products free of chlorine chemistry.

A comprehensive resource of paper grades.

The Earth Charter
The Earth Charter is a set of values that serves as a declaration of our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life and to future generations. Individuals and representatives from many nations and organizations have pledged to uphold the charter.

Office of the Federal Environmental Executive
This government site offers a paper calculator that estimates impacts of paper purchases in the U.S.

Ecopaper Action
This organization encourages the use of recycled papers in the magazine industry. A counter on the site records the number of trees cut down for U.S. magazines.

Forest Ethics
A group dedicated to protecting forests by redirecting U.S. industry towards environmentally sound alternatives. This is the group that coordinated the Staples agreement.

Forest Stewardship Council
An important proponent of sustainable forestry, they offer news on companies who have adopted sustainable policies as well as guidelines.

Go Cool Tour
This organization is devoted to raising awareness about global warming. They have sponsored recent eco-friendly concerts by the Rolling Stones, the Dave Mathews Band and the Indigo Girls.
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The Greening of Print
This is the first in a series of benchmark studies that will survey and forecast trends, attitudes and behaviors driving green procurement and sustainability in the printing, publishing and packaging markets.

Green Blue
GreenBlue is a non-profit think tank that works to inspire the adoption and implementation of design strategies that encourage human and ecological wellbeing by transcending the limitations of current industrial practice. We conduct research, develop prototypes, offer data and information resources, and provide education and training.

Green Press Initiative
This non-profit program encourages the use of recycled paper in book publishing.

Markets Initiative
Home of the Canadian ancient forest friendly publishing campaign.

National Center for Eco-Industrial Development
The Mission of the National Center for Eco-Industrial Development is to facilitate job creation and sustainable industrial expansion in distressed communities around the nation by applying principles of industrial ecology, establishing eco-industrial parks and expanding use of environmentally benign manufacturing processes and techniques.

The Netherlands Ministry of Spatial Planning, Housing and the Environment
This government agency does pioneering work in developing and maintaining sustainable communities. They have recently launched a free, online, quarterly magazine, Shared Spaces. It offers information and opinion on sustainable development, renewable energy and environmental policy.

Reach for Unbleached
News on chlorine and pulp and paper issues.

Sustainable business
This online journal is a leading source of information on sustainability in business. It includes original articles, tracks "green" stocks and even has a job board.

Watershed Media
Home of the guide to Tree-free, recycled and certified papers.

Wood Consumption
Focuses on encouraging wood reduction in building, paper and packaging.

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