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Recall your time in Vancouver or plan to go back! The online culture guide features practical information on restaurants, bars and shopping as well as travel, weather, and exchange rates. The conference is over, but you can still go back to Vancouver.
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All collages created by Tsia Carson, under the influence of Flat.

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Thomas Sychay
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Collage with chandelier and cherry tree:
jb7785-001 Ian Tyas
la8535-001 Eric McNatt

Collage with telescope, fruit and mini skyscrapers:
hp3900-001 Peter Keegan
jb1889-001 Orlando
798385-001 David Olsen
299366-005 Linda Burgess

Collage with gorilla and cubicles:
816289-002 Michael Rosenfeld
10197086 Michael Kelley

Collage with caribou and neon sign remnants:
hl4250-001 Barry
70008638 Hans Strand

Collage with model airplanes and horses:
hd7233-001 Fox Photos
200013041-001 Tom Bean
10084397 AEF - Yannick Le Gal

Individual images:
Fall foliage: E007769 Photodisc Collection
Sea otters: dv425047 Digital Vision
Boardwalk through forest: AA027527 Spike Mafford
Native American totem poles: 10194777 Macduff Everton
Sugarloaf Mtn. & Spectacle Lake: 10188300 John & Lisa Merrill

Additional photo credits:
Student animated promotion
Baby seal: E001764 Photodisc Collection
Skiier: 10196537 John Marquette
Canadian mountie: 283661-001 Suzanne & Nick Geary
Lady kayaker: SP004554 Andrew Ward/Life File
Hockey player: ad4526-001 Brian Stablyk
City buildings: TR000515 GeoStock
Totem pole: 412426-014 John Edwards
Canada Place: TR006653 Andrew Ward/Life File
Science World: 459094-004 Bob Herger
Box of fish: 450026-001 Bruce Forster
Chinese Cultural Centre: ap1456-001 Connie Coleman
City lights: ab22215 Alan Kearney
Cutting down a tree: 10002420 Jurgen Vogt
Totem pole (close up): ca00496 Walter Bibikowz
Trees and path: AA052585 Philip & Karen Smith
More lights at night: ca23661 Peter Gridley
Fisheye aerial city view: ca00464 Ron Chapple
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