Tony Golsby-Smith

Tony Golsby-Smith is a designer and facilitator of strategic conversations that allow groups of people to think more powerfully together. Most recently he has been working with the Australian Tax Office as an advisor to introduce design thinking and methods into the tax system, constituting the first major attempt in the world to design huge national systems, actively using design methodologies.

Presentation description
A seat at the table: New horizons for design
Many designers feel that they add more value than they get credit for and too often design is marginalized as a trade art. How can we win a seat at the main table for design? Tony Golsby-Smith, design strategist and advisor to the Australian Tax office, will explain how. He attacks the issue from two angles: first, by building a larger theory for how design is the unwitting custodian of a new style of thinking that the world is thirsting for; second, by explaining how he has taken design into broad, new applications, including the redesign of organizational planning systems into strategic conversations.
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