Bruce Sterling

Science fiction author and futurist Bruce Sterling challenges us to change the way we think about the future as well as our place in it. He is the author of nine novels, three of which were selected as New York Times Notable Books of the Year; The Difference Engine (co-written with William Gibson), The Hacker Crackdown and most recently, Tomorrow Now. Bruce also founded The Viridian Design Movement, whose goal is create an irresistible demand for a global atmosphere upgrade.

Presentation description
Futurismic or what do I use for future iconography when the space shuttle?s older than I am?
"The futuristic look" is very quaint now. "The Year 2000 A.D." sounds campy. But graphic design still needs to make products and images that appear "ahead of the curve." Futurist, author and founder of the Veridian Design Movement Bruce Sterling asks: How exactly does one do that in 2004? If designers lose or forfeit their visionary skills, they may serve customers, but they cannot lead society. If "the futuristic" is obsolete, could "the futurismic" offer a more sophisticated way to engage with tomorrow?
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