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Design for Sustainability

This report summarises the findings of a survey carried out among 600 manufacturers in Sweden, Holland, Germany, France and the UK to explore attitudes and practices towards design for sustainability.

Fieldwork completed by IFF Research

60 per cent of European companies saw designing for sustainability as an opportunity. Of the 4 per cent of companies who saw designing for sustainability as a threat, most said this was due to prohibitive costs.

The larger UK companies were most active in incorporating design for sustainability. 81 per cent of UK companies interviewed, employing 200+ staff, were currently producing products incorporating sustainable design principles. Generally across Europe, the larger the company, the higher the level of sustainable design activity. There are two key influences for companies adopting design for sustainability. The UK and France highlight meeting customer demands as the top driver for change, whereas Germany and Sweden strive for competitiveness, suggesting a more proactive attitude to the benefits of design for sustainability. This may well be because these countries have been forced to deal with regulatory compliance for much longer.

-87% of all companies believed that design for sustainability had influenced their business strategy.

-The majority of companies interviewed see design for sustainability as an investment, both in terms of future company profits and, more specifically, as an investment for future product development.

-82% of the Swedish companies that took part in the survey were in the process of developing products incorporating design for sustainability.

-All European countries believe design for sustainability is going to be a major issue in the future, both internally within their organisation and externally for all companies in the next five years.

-Customers, both business and the buying public, were seen as key drivers in adopting a sustainable design approach.

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Evidence - case studies on design against crime

How do you beat crime? More policemen and longer prison sentences say some. But good design can actually prevent crime and this collection of case studies proves the word is spreading.

Gathered by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University, these 20 stories show design tackling crimes as diverse as paint theft, bus shelter vandalism and gang warfare.

Each reveals that when anti-crime design is part of the way products and environments are planned, the chances of crime being committed are drastically reduced.

Full report:
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