Kristina Hooper-Woolsey

Kristina Hooper Woolsey is a cognitive psychologist who has become a designer over the past twenty years. After receiving a Ph.D. at UCSD in 1973 as a student of Don Norman, she attended Architecture School at UCB and UCLA as a Postdoctoral Fellow to extend her understanding of memory for pictures of places. This interest has led Dr. Woolsey through a range of adventures, including an Assistant Professorship at UC Santa Cruz, a Visiting Faculty Appointment at MIT to work with the MIT Architecture Machine Group, the Director position at Atari Research Lab, membership in the initial Human Interface Group at Apple Computer, Inc., the Director position at the Apple Multimedia Lab, and a Distinguished Scientist designation in the Apple Research Labs.

She is currently working as a consultant for the James Irvine Foundation on the CORAL initiative, an after school program for underserved youth, and in the coordination of a new update of VizAbility, a CD/book on visual thinking strategies introduced in 1995, that will be published by Brooks Cole in the Fall.

Presentation description
Seeing as knowing: The mountain, a mountain and my mountain
How can specific and highly personal views be combined to create that essential big-picture overview or high-level concepts? The skills of observing, sketching, diagramming and imagining are critical to a wide range of professions and are essential skills for the increasingly interconnected 21st century global culture. Designer and former director of Apple's Multimedia lab Kristina Hooper-Woolsey will look at how technologies may be designed and employed in this process as well as how fluidity between disciplines might be encouraged in the general practice.
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