Andrew Zolli

Andrew zolli is a forecaster, design strategist and author, working at the intersection of culture, creativity, technology, and futures research. Most recently, Andrew was the editor of the Catalog of Tomorrow, (QUE Publishing, 2002) which explores 100 trends and technologies of the next 25 years. His next book, In Good Company, about the complex relationship between brands and culture, will be published in 2003. Andrew is the former Chief Marketing Officer of one of the world's leading brand consultancies, Siegelgale, where he helped develop new brands, businesses, products and services for companies such as The Weather Channel, Netscape, Kodak, American Express, AT&T, Toys R Us, Silicon Graphics, Lucent, Hewlett Packard, Forrester Research, Sappi, T. Rowe Price, The Industry Standard, and IBM, among many others. Andrew speaks and writes widely on the subjects of technology, design, communications and long-term forecasting. He has edited several books on new technology and his work, ideas and writing have appeared in publications such as the New York Times, Wired, I.D., The Industry Standard, Eye magazine, and National Public Radio

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Designing the future
So, our culture got sandbagged. Psychic whiplash threatens to give way to retrenchment, and many of us are just holding on, or holding our breath. Futurist Andrew Zolli argues that we need to chart new courses for our institutions and our broader society; we need new alternatives and new images of the future. Together, we'll look at the contested grounds of tomorrow, and how design can - and will - shape what is to come.
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