"The Power of Design" will feature over 60 speakers in mainstage, focus and roundtable sessions, using a variety of presentation formats. Our mainstage presentations will address our conference theme and will feature speakers from diverse and complementary discourses who will bring different perspectives and new ideas to the field of design. Focus sessions will provide you with an opportunity for more intimate interaction with mainstage speakers and will introduce new ones who will address both theme-related and design-centric topics. Our roundtable sessions at breakfast and lunch will enable you to share a meal with speakers and other conferees to discuss common topics of interest. John Hockenberry, NBC journalist and author, will host the conference for the fourth consecutive year.

Our preliminary speakers list has been grouped by content area as well as by special interest group. There are also those individuals that simply defy categories. Check back here regularly to see new speakers that have been added.

Katherine McCoy-Design educator and former head of the design program at Cranbrook
Bruce Sterling-Science fiction writer, futurist and author of the book Tomorrow Now
Kristina Hooper-Woolsey-Cognitive psychologist and former director of The Apple Media Lab
Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel-Designers and publishers, Winterhouse
Aaron Marcus-User-interaction specialist and principal of Aaron Marcus and Associates
Michael Carabetta-Creative director, Chronicle Books
Lucille Tenazas-Graphic designer, educator and National Design Award laureate
Erik Spiekermann-Type and information designer
Lorraine Wild-Designer, theorist and former chair of design at Cal Arts
Natalia Ilyin-Designer, semiotician and author of the book Blonde Like Me
Frank Martinez-AIGA special counsel on intellectual property
Lewis Blackwell-Senior vice president of creative direction, Getty Images
Denise Waggoner-Vice president of creative research, Getty Images
Xiao Yong-Graphic designer, educator at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and editor in chief, Art & Design, a Chinese design magazine
Steff Geissbuhler-Designer and partner, Chermayeff and Geismar
Plazm-Publishers, graphic and typeface designers
Jonathan Hoefler-Typeface designer and armchair type historian
Ralph Caplan-Design critic and author, former editor of I.D. Magazine
Andrew Zolli-Designer, futurist and author of The Catalog of Tomorrow
Jack Stauffacher-printer and typographer, founder of the Greenwood Press
Jaqueline Famulak-President, The Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft
Robert L. Peters-President, ICOGRADA
Marcia Lausen-Designer, Studio/lab
Greg Blue-Commercial photographer, designer and program coordinator for applied arts, Langara College
Chuck Byrne-Designer and design educator, San Jose State University
Peter Cocking-Designer and art director, Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group
Eames Demetrios-Design rights consultant, filmmaker and author of An Eames Primer
Tobias Frere-Jones-Typeface designer
Sylvia Harris-Information design strategist
Elsa Kendall-Artist and designer, former creative director of Arena Editions
John Lindback-Director, election division, State of Oregon
Linda Martinez-Improvisational pianist extaordinaire
Bruce Mau-Designer and founder, The Institute without Boundaries
Michael Moschen-Juggler and MacArthur Fellow
Noreen Morioka-Designer and partner, AdamsMorioka
Sean Adams-Designer and partner, AdamsMorioka
Steve Tatar-Designer, sculptor and art director
Susan Szenasy-editor-in-chief, Metropolis Magazine

Brenda Laurel-Designer, researcher and writer
Ed Quevedo-Director, environnmental management and sustainability programs, WSP
Jim Faris-Designer with Design Hat and former partner of AlbenFaris
Steven Heller-Art director of The New York Times Book Review, chair of M.F.A./Design at the School of Visual Arts and author/editor of over 60 books on design
Stuart McKee-Designer, Stuart McKee Design
Marc Gobé-Executive creative director, desgrippes gobé New York
Tony Golsby-Smith-Designer and facilitator of strategic conversations
Darrel Rhea-Principal, Cheskin Research
John Body-Assistant commissioner of Integrated Administrative Design, Australian Taxation Office
Mike Volkema-Chairman and chief executive officer, Herman Miller
David Baker-Editor, "Persuading," and principal, ReCourses

Fritjof Capra-Physicist and author of The Tao of Physics, The Web of Life, The Hidden Connections and the screenplay for the movie MindWalk.
Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable-Designers, WowHaus explore the common demoninators of shelter, food and social interaction
David Orr-Chair of environmental studies at Oberlin College and author of books Earth in Mind and The Nature of Design
Michael Braungart-Chemist and founder of the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency in Hamburg and coauthor of the book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
Janine James-Designer and principal of The Moderns, a multidisciplinary solutionist think-tank
Studio eg-Industrial designer Erez Steinberg and graphic designer Gia Giasullo
Lauralee Alben-Designer and principal of Alben Design and former recipient of The Muriel Cooper Prize
Dan Sturges-design captain and executive director, Mobility Lab
Jeff Mendelsohn-President, New Leaf Papers
Don Carli-Founder and president, Nima Hunter Inc.
Bob Lewis-Vice president of business, Anderson Lithograph
Dori Tunstall-Senior experience planner, Semaphore Partners
Stephen Turner-designer, Turner and Associates
Tim Davis-Stora Enso

Design education
Doug Powell-Designer and principal of Schwartz Powell Design and instructor at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota
Kali Nikitas-Designer and chair of design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Leslie Becker-Designer and chair of design at California College of Arts and Crafts
Dan Boyarski-Designer and head of the school of design at Carnegie Mellon University
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