Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel
Read Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel's presentation, "Culture is not always popular." Bill and Jessica are partners in Winterhouse design studio. Their work focuses on publishing and editorial development; new media; cultural institutions; and education and literacy projects. Recent clients include the New England Journal of Medicine, Norman Rockwell Museum, Yale Law School, New York University School of Journalism, University of Chicago Press and the National Design Awards.

About AIGA
The purpose of AIGA is to further excellence in communication design as a broadly defined discipline, strategic tool for business and cultural force. AIGA is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, to participate in critical analysis and research, and to advance education and ethical practice. For more information on AIGA, go to

AIGA conference policies
AIGA policies toward conference activities have been developed based on experience and with a firm commitment to follow practices that are fair, equitable and consistent. They are applied across all circumstances to assure each participant that he or she is being treated the same as any other participant as a matter of trust. Therefore, exceptions are not given unless the policy is to be changed for all participants. Policies also reflect the need to be able to administer practices fairly and consistently with limited staff resources, which will result in certain policies having been established for administrative viability.

What the registration fees cover and how they are set
The registration fee for participants includes attendance at all conference general and focused sessions, the Design Fair reception on Friday night and the closing party on Saturday evening. Coffee will be provided throughout the conference, but you will be on your own for food.

The fees are set to make the experience both memorable and affordable. Typically the per person cost of putting on the conference is about three times the registration fee. This year, we have tried to reduce the cost to encourage as many people as possible to attend.

We are a nonprofit professional association. Our activities are created for our members, who also support them. We have a limited number of press passes for editorial staff on publications who we believe are likely to write a substantive article on the content so that it can be made available to a broader audience. Press who are intrigued by the content are encouraged to attend. We apply our policies consistently and fairly to avoid situations where designers with limited means are subsidizing participation by others. This is the only way we know to remain fair to our members who support us all year and also pay to attend our conferences. To apply for a press pass, send a proposal to Under no circumstances will noneditorial staff or more than one writer from a single publication receive a press pass.

Group registrations
You can register as a group, but there are no reduced prices for groups. For a reduced rate, we urge you to register before the early registration deadline of April 30, 2003.

When the national design conference originated 20 years ago, the conference was an opportunity to bring together people who were passionate about design to share ideas. Over time, we have drawn farther and farther afield in seeking speakers who are inspirational, informative and provocative. The speakers are selected by a program committee and are offered a modest travel honorarium. Except in highly unusual cases, we have not paid speaking fees. We also try to avoid any presentations that will be self-promotional or promote a specific product. Unlike some professional conferences, we do not offer opportunities for presentations that do not fit into the main theme of the conference as determined by the conference committee. This policy is followed in order to be able to manage the experience and value we offer our participants.

Partial registrations or one-day passes
AIGA offers only full conference registrations to its events. The experience and the pricing for the conference are based on attendees attending the entire conference. Based on experience, we have determined that it is neither economically nor administratively feasible for our small staff to offer partial registrations and to police compliance. It would be unfair to those paying full registration to allow those purchasing a partial registration to allow a means for others to experience the conference by violating the intent of a partial registration.

We do not offer complimentary registrations to anyone, including board members or chapter leadership. This policy is based on a firm commitment to equity and fairness. We respect our customers who pay for the conference and will not violate their trust.

Guest tickets
Beginning in Vancouver, we will offer a guest ticket to the evening events associated with the conference. For economic and administrative reasons, we cannot offer single event tickets; the guest ticket covers all of the related events.
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